BY The Elm
13 September

To tip or not to tip, that is the question 🧐

That awkward moment at the end of your massage as you sleepily take out your wallet, and think, “do I leave a tip, and if so, how much?”
This is a tricky question!
It is entirely up to you, but perhaps if you have a little insight we can help you make an informed decision.
Massage therapists working in a massage establishment, studio, or spa are working for an hourly wage, and if you enjoyed your service it is customary to leave a 15-20% tip…similar to any other service industry such as hospitality, hair, nails, skin care.
For massage therapists working independently and not for someone else, they may retain 100% of profit but there are taxes to be paid, card fees, and monthly business expenses tied in as well.
Most therapists work hard to provide you the best service possible. It’s never an expectation to tip your therapist, but it is a great way to show gratitude and appreciation for their great service. If the service does not reflect greatness it’s definitely acceptable to skip the tip.

This all being said most therapists don’t want the expense of a tip to stop you from getting regular massage therapy. If you do not leave gratuity, you can express your appreciation by:

  • Rescheduling before you leave
  • Leaving a positive review
  • Referring a friend or family member
  • Posting about us on social media

It brings us joy that you choose us for your care. We hope this cleared up one of our most asked questions.