BY The Elm
15 November

Massage While Sick? Yes or No?

You’re unsure but think you could possibly be coming down with something.
This can’t be happening right?
You’ve got things to do. There’s not time to be sick.
Then it dawns on you… I have a massage scheduled!!!
You start thinking…Do you go or cancel your appointment?
Massage will definitely make me feel better right?
Although, massage might seem comforting…

Here’s what you should know about massage while sick:

There is risk of infecting other clients. During those first days when you are trying to convince yourself you aren’t sick enough to stay home from work, you are actually quite contagious.
Spreading your virus with your therapist. We cannot work when we are sick and we may decline treatment if you show up expressing symptoms.
Can accelerate your symptoms, and ultimately make you feel worse. When you have an infection, your body is already working hard to fight it and recover. Massage has a direct impact on your lymphatic and circulation systems and can cause more stress on your weakened state.

It is our responsibility to keep you, your therapist, and our other clients safe and well. If you are showing signs of cold, flu, or other contagious symptoms we kindly ask you to reschedule. We will waive late cancellation fees under these circumstances.

Stay home, heal, and touch base with us when you are 100% again.