About Us

We are bodyworkers. We listen. We pay attention to detail. We are the next step in your healing journey.

Our team is composed of dynamic therapists trained in a wide variety of techniques to best facilitate healing, pain relief, mobility, and overall wellness.

We use many Thai inspired stretches, cupping based of Chinese medicine or orthopedic methods, essential oils to ease your sinus congestion or pain relieving balms to soothe super achy spots. We use our hands, feet, knees, arms, and elbows to find the best tool for the job.

We are here to connect you to your own body and how it moves so ultimately you can heal and feel your best.

Experienced. Passionate. Caring.

We offer tiered pricing based on each therapist's time in the profession, commitment to continued education, client feedback and retention.

Student Ashiatsu: $49/hour (not always available)

Technician Tier: $75/hour

Specialist Tier: $85/hour

Master Tier: Katie $100/hour

Meet the Heart & Sole of The Elm Massage + Bodywork Team

Mandy's Massage is mindful, flowing, and holistic.

Mandy enjoys working with clients who are looking to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve chronic physical and emotional pain and release tension, bringing self-awareness and balance back to the mind and body.
Mandy combines compassion and careful listening to address physical and emotional issues. Whether it’s deep tissue Ashiatsu work or a calming, therapeutic session she strives to make each massage a meaningful experience, guiding you toward more peace and self-awareness. Although her knowledge can help a variety of clients her specialties are: Ashiatsu Barefoot massage, Energetic Healing, Post-Natal Massage, and Trigger Point Therapy.
After graduating from Anthem College in Nashville in 2011, she started her own practice as a massage therapist in a prominent physical therapy office. She moved back home to Florida in 2015 to start a family and most recently has been able to study Ashiatsu Massage, Cervical Neuromuscular Massage and will be taking Introduction to Thai Massage in August 2018.


Mandy Pirie

Megan's Massage is strong, restful, and calming. 

Megan’s clients are individuals who are experiencing pain and range of motion limitations in their body due to poor posture, injury, age, and lack of self-care. Whether you’re trying to reach new personal records at the gym or want to move with improved ease through daily life, Megan’s focus is working together by openly communicating and actively/attentively listening to help you meet your goals.

Megan offers Thai Yoga Massage, Ashiatsu, Relaxation, and custom Therapeutic sessions that combine Neuromuscular and Myofascial techniques, while also incorporating stretching and breath work for an experience that is productive, yet peaceful. She is a movement facilitator and self-care pusher, helping her clients to move themselves to a place of health, comfort, and personal peace. Megan has been teaching yoga since 2014 and is always encouraging clients to develop and maintain strong personal wellness habits, move their bodies regularly, and honor themselves with self-care, from physical fitness practices to gluten-free cupcakes.

Since completing the Cortiva Institute’s massage therapy program in 2017, she has dedicated herself to studying Thai Yoga and Ashiatsu barefoot massage. As a massage therapist, Megan is hungry to learn modalities and techniques that are beneficial for her clients and provide lasting results, and is grateful for a career that gives her the opportunity to be a lifelong student continually striving to elevate her skills. Before finding her passion in massage, Megan graduated from the University of South Florida majoring in Business Marketing and Management.

Megan knows that to provide you with the best care, she must also care for herself, too. She enjoys yoga, CrossFit, receiving massage, cooking, reading, days at the beach, and candles.

Barefoot Massage Tampa Elm Body


Megan Blizard

Nicole's Massage is nurturing, therapeutic, and relaxing

Nicole works with clients who struggle with chronic pain in the neck and shoulders, postural imbalances, and soft tissue pains, including headaches and migraines.

She specializes in therapeutic deep tissue, trigger point, and Ashiatsu barefoot massage. She is able to provide her clients with a therapeutic touch, getting deeper into their muscles (as needed) but also giving them a strong sense of relaxation.

During your massage, she will thoughtfully listen and personalize the experience specific to your body's exact needs.

Nicole’s passion lies in helping clients to manage pain and reinforce positive changes in lifestyle to promote lasting relief.

She truly enjoys helping clients who want to overcome on-going muscular pain and soreness in order to live happier, healthier lives and hopes every guest leaves with a smile and feeling renewed.

Nicole has been a full-time licensed massage therapist and owner of East Lake Massage for over 16 years. She is a 2001 graduate of The Humanities Center School of Massage (which later became The Cortiva Institute.)

Barefoot Massage Tampa Elm Body


Nicole Reardon

"Everyone’s bodies and needs are unique."

Nicole is not accepting new clients at this time

Katie’s Massage is deep, intuitive, and effective

As your trusted massage therapist, Katie values being a pivotal part of your self-care routine. Her goal is to assist you in feeling your best so you can conquer life, crush goals, and obtain personal records. Katie is the person to see if you cannot seem to find a therapist to give you DEEP enough pressure.

Katie's massages are a fusion of a of deep compression, myofasical, and neuromuscular work with Thai inspired movement that together create a unique healing experience.

Katie has dedicated the over eight years of her 15 year career investing in continued education. Her focus includes over 100 hours of specialized focus in Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage and 40 hours of Thai Yoga Massage. These modalities combined have allowed her to see and work with your body holistically.
Katie’s feet are laser focused to seek and improve your tissue issues with comfort and finesse.


Katie Reschny

"While in my care, the focus is all about you."

Katie is not accepting new clients at this time

What Our Clients Say

I know that they care for my family's health and wellbeing as much as I do. That's incredible!

My entire family goes to The Elm Massage + Bodywork. I know that they care for my family's health and wellbeing as much as I do. That's incredible!!!


My treatments last 1-2 days longer than anything I've done before

Pain is the best motivator. My treatments last 1-2 days longer than anything I've done before. I've taken care of my body but aging is affecting my hips and they help relieve the tightness in my hips.

Dr. Haller

My massage is a detox of my body and my mind

My massage is a detox of my body and my mind. They know what needs to be worked on before I do. I have never felt more cared for during a massage.


Everyone MUST go! I have never had such incredible and lasting results.

Everyone must go! This is a whole different massage experience. I am a muscular guy, the pressure of two thumbs or an elbow can't compare to the width of a foot and the pressure of body weight. I get 10-20x more blood flow. I have never had such incredible and lasting results!


Over 30+ 5 Star Reviews on Facebook

Thank you for the love and feedback!


My body feels brand new person, without a care in the world.

When I arrive, I am stressed and tense but when I leave The Elm Massage + Bodywork my body feels brand new, without a care in the world.


As soon as the session starts, my body is like "Ahhhhh"

Before I get my massage, my body is in a constant state of turmoil since my head is fused to my neck, I have zero range of movement. As soon as the session starts, my body is like "Ahhhhh". The Elm Massage + Bodywork are the only people I trust to give me any pain relief.


I send her feet a Christmas card every year!

My job is stressful. I am in sales, on my feet all day. I am a big ball of stress and tension. When I leave The Elm Massage + Bodywork, I am totally relaxed. I don't have a single care in the World. I love Katie so much I send her feet a Christmas card every year!


The soft tissue work they've done on my injured IT band has been incredible.

Each of the massage therapists at The Elm Massage + Bodywork are spectacular! They have been my go to for the last few months and they are amazing! Whether I need a relaxing massage or more therapeutic they can do it all. The soft tissue work they've done on my injured IT band has been incredible.

Laura B.

They are the top of the line

The Elm Massage + Bodywork has better training and they are the top of the line! Now that I have gone to The Elm Massage + Bodywork, I am afraid I can't go to those other places.


They just know what my body needs!

You are the only thing they focus on. No matter what is going on in their world, I know for our time together, all of their time and attention will be focused on me. They just know what my body needs. They make me feel like they enjoy working on me and making me better as much as I enjoy being worked on by them!


They have such a gift for bodywork and this service offering is so unique.

My experience having a Thai massage with The Elm Massage + Bodywork was incredible! They have such a gift for bodywork and this service offering is so unique. I hadn't even left her office yet and I was planning my next appointment!

Gladis R.

5 Star Google Reviews

We love seeing our clients results


Within 3 visits, the pain that I had for years was gone and my range of motion was back to normal.

The Elm Massage + Bodywork is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I’ve had shoulder pain for years from an old training injury. I tried everything to make it better and nothing worked. My wife sent me in for one last ditch effort. Within 3 visits, the pain that I had for years was gone and my range of motion was back to normal. I can’t say enough about them. If you’re looking for therapeutic or just relaxation massage this is definitely the place!

JJ Stevens

They restored my walking ability

I first met Nicole when I was walking with a cane for at least six months due to a knee problem. She made such a difference in my life as typical medical treatment did not help much. Nicole got me back to walking again without a cane or walker after a few months of excellent massage therapy. I am grateful that she came into my life and restored my walking ability.

Amira D.